The role of gender in the aggressive questioning of CEOs during earnings conference calls

This project is accepted for publication in The Accounting Review and is co-authored with Joseph Comprix (Syracuse University, United States), and Kerstin Lopatta (University of Hamburg, Germany).

The effect of institutional dual holdings on CSR performance

This project has been published in the Journal of Sustainable Finance & Investment and is co-authored with Alexander Bassen (University of Hamburg, Germany), Thomas Kaspereit (University of Luxembourg), Kerstin Lopatta (University of Hamburg, Germany), and Daniel Buchholz (University of Hamburg, Germany).

The Relationship Between Gender Diversity and Employee Representation at the Board Level and Non-Financial Performance: A Cross-Country Study

This project has been published in The International Journal of Accounting and is co-authored with Kerstin Lopatta (University of Hamburg, Germany), Sumit K. Lodhia (University of South Australia, Australia), and Katarina Boettcher (Carl von Ossietzky University Oldenburg, Germany).